Cranberry, Feta and Pecan Stuffed Chicken


The cranberry sauce is officially the last Thanksgiving leftover still standing.  Unless Courtney has something hoarded in a backpack/desk drawer/under the seat of our car.  Which wouldn’t be the first time.  But the cranberry sauce is the last that will be put to good use. Put to such very good … Continue reading

Butternut Squash & Tahini Soup (Vegan & Gluten-Free)

food pix 037

As I write this, the last piece of produce from my CSA sits roasting in the oven.  A small sugar pumpkin that I’ve struggled to eat because it’s just so dang cute!  Instead, it’s been sitting as a center piece on our dining room table. But tomorrow, it’s becoming part … Continue reading

Turkey and Vegetable Soup with Stuffing Dumplings

Food piz 021

You’ve probably heard my mantra on food waste.  If you haven’t, it goes something like this: don’t waste food.  No, but really, I hate wasting food.  So much so that when we had to get on the road first thing in the morning the day after Thanksgiving, I put the … Continue reading

Blueberry Quinoa Cornbread {Leftovers Club}

Thanksgiving 047

As someone who rarely bakes, I usually look forward to Leftovers Club as an excuse to experiment with some of the many sweet confections on my evergrowing to-do list.  This time however, I found myself thinking “oh no, more sweets!”  Between Friendsgivings and Thanksgivings and holiday happy hours, having brownies or … Continue reading

A Messy Kitchen Thanksgiving – We’re Sophomores Now!

Thanksgiving 181

We learned a few things hosting our first Thanksgiving dinner last year.  The Wednesday before Thanksgiving last year, I found myself sitting at Shake Shack at 9:00 pm eating a pumpkin concrete after a three hour happy hour while trying to find a liquor store open to buy bourbon for the … Continue reading

Coconut Ginger Pecan Sweet Potato Casserole (Vegan)

food pix 005

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, I want to share one of my new found staples.  I made this the first time for Thanksgiving dinner last year, made it for a Friendsgiving potluck last week, and plan to make it again for Thursday’s feast.  While I used to be a big proponent … Continue reading

When Life Calls for Comfort Food: Healthy Quinoa White Chicken Chili

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I know, it’s been a long time since I last wrote.  It’s been a busy, strange time for me and I haven’t found the energy.  Also, I fried my laptop, which certainly hasn’t helped.  To sum up the last month, I spent two weeks in Denver, where I had my … Continue reading

Fall Harvest Cookbook Club and Roasted Hubbard Squash and Caramelized Onion Galette with Fontina Cheese


The theme for our Cookbook Club this month was “Fall foods,” which is pretty much the theme of my life right now.  No really, as if my “all squash” diet wasn’t enough, I went on a serious pumpkin bender at Trader Joe’s on Saturday. Croutons, mochi, macarons, cider. Can’t. Get. … Continue reading

Caramel Apple Cider Cookies and Pumpkin Irony


My big news for the weekend is that I appear to have overcome my pumpkin allergy!  It’s probably been fifteen years since I last carved a pumpkin.  Frankly it wasn’t worth the hives and swollen eyes.  But when I got an invite to a pumpkin carving party, I decided it … Continue reading

Mediterranean Pasta with Creamy Eggplant Sauce


Don’t you love it when you make something really, really delicious, and then you repurpose the leftovers into something even more delicious?!  I didn’t think it was possible to make this baba ghanoush any more delicious, but that was before I stirred it into my pasta.  It started last week when I found myself … Continue reading

Paleo Cincinnati Style Turkey Chili


This delicious dish is somewhere between a chili and a bolognese. Or maybe it’s just a chili that I decided to serve bolognese style, but I hear that’s quite common with Cincinnati style chili.  This style of chili has a thinner more sauce-like consistency than most chili con carne. It’s … Continue reading