Curried Cauliflower and Chickpea Stew


Feel like you’ve seen a lot of this curried cauliflower and chickpea stew this week?  You and I both my friend.  But I’m actually not sick of it!  This vegan stew is simple, yet delicious.  Comforting on a cold Fall night.  It’s healthy, filling and full of veggies and fiber. … Continue reading

SNAP Challenge Day 7: No Room for Error… Or House Guests


This post is part of a series.  Read post one, post two, post three, post four, post five, post six, post seven, and post eight.  Well, I successfully made it through my one week SNAP Challenge with $1.01 to spare.  However, that was about all I had to spare.  Foodwise, I was down to one serving of … Continue reading

SNAP Challenge Day 6: I’ve Got Time On My Side


This post is part of a series.  Read post one, post two, post three, post four, post five, post six, and post seven. I’ve talked a good bit about the advantages I have and the luxuries I enjoy that make it easier for me to eat healthily on $33.79 a week.  And really, there are a … Continue reading

SNAP Challenge Day 5: The Most Enlightening Diet I’ve Ever Gone On

photo 2

This post is part of a series.  Read post one, post two, post three, post four, post five and post six. I’ve tried my fair share of diets over the years.  I’ve done Atkins and South Beach, I’ve eaten Special K cereal for two meals a day.  (You should know that this, of course, was nearly … Continue reading

SNAP Challenge Day 4: Confessions of a Food Hoarder


This post is part of a series.  Read post one, post two, post three, post four and post five.  I’m over halfway through the SNAP challenge, and at this point I’m quite confident I’ll have enough food for the week.  I’ve still got three servings of Thai Lentil Curry, two servings of Curried Cauliflower … Continue reading

SNAP Day 3: I Didn’t Even Realize That Was a Luxury


This post is part of a series.  Read post one, post two, post three, and post four. I’m starting to realize just how many of the things I think of as relatively modest parts of my everyday life are in reality luxuries.  A cup of coffee, for instance.  I’m not talking a fancy … Continue reading

SNAP Challenge Day 2: Rethinking Waste

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This post is the fourth in a series.  Read post one, post two, and post three. I’ve been thinking a lot about waste these last couple of days.  Suddenly I’m weighing my day to day frivolities with the cost of food.  Yesterday’s mojito, this afternoon’s manicure… I could go on.  But you … Continue reading

SNAP Challenge Day 1: Doing Math with Each Meal


This post is the third in a series.  Read post one and post two. Even at a serious bargain of a happy hour, the single cocktail I bought this evening was more than my entire daily budget for food… and that’s before tip.  The realization of how quickly I can guzzle … Continue reading

Preparing for the SNAP Challenge: Just How Far Can I Stretch $33.79?


Yesterday I told you about my plans for a seven day SNAP challenge to wrap up Hunger Action Month.  I also went shopping for provisions.  Where I live is in close proximity to many grocery stores, which already puts me at a significant advantage when it comes to finding healthy and … Continue reading

Kicking off the SNAP Challenge: 7 Days on a Food Stamp Budget


September is National Hunger Action Month, a Feeding America initiative to raise awareness and mobilize communities to end hunger in our country.  For the last full week of September, I will be taking part in the SNAP Challenge.  For the next seven days, I will live on a meager $33.79, … Continue reading

Turkey & Zucchini Meatballs with Sumac Yogurt Sauce


I’ve been trying to cook my way through the Jerusalem cookbook, since I have to return it at our dinner party next Sunday.  I haven’t made it as far as I’d like, although I did make three recipes from the book this week alone!  I may have to snap some … Continue reading

Burnt Eggplant with Garlic, Lemon & Pomegranate Seeds (Baba Ghanoush)


One of the most underrated new restaurants in our neighborhood is a little Mediterranean joint called Tash.  Skip the dinner entrees: they’re overpriced and not that exciting.  But the brunch?  I’ll make a strong pitch for the Kubideh platters, giant brick oven flatbreads with meat, tomatoes, hummus and sunny side … Continue reading

Bison Chili & Butternut Squash Casserole {Paleo}


I recently found myself on a bison mailing list after an event I attended hosted by a buffalo ranch in Western South Dakota.  Each week I am extremely tempted to order large quantities of meat.  In fact, I told Courtney that I wanted one particular package of assorted bison parts … Continue reading

Paleo Orange Sesame Chicken


We took our last mini-vacation of the summer last weekend, heading to Rehobeth to enjoy beaches and breweries, and of course to get an early start on celebrating Courtney’s birthday.  We were actually planning to take this trip several weeks ago, but pushed it back when the opportunity arose to … Continue reading

Paleo Thai Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes


If it were Summer year round, I most definitely would not be a size 2.  Summer, that little temptress, she has a way of disrupting my good habits.  It’s fun for certain, but certainly not sustainable.  Now that Summer is pretty much over, I’m really trying to get back into … Continue reading

Takeout Tuesday: Featuring a Vegan Feast from Chef Nadine


A couple weeks back, I told you about our Periodic Table dinner featuring Chef Nadine.  Well, when she passed around coupons at the end of the night for her catered vegan meals, it got me thinking: Takeout Tuesday!  I love introducing people who don’t always eat vegan to just how … Continue reading

Heirloom Tomato, Squash and Pepper Gratin


Wow, I’ve really been off the grid!  I’ll blame it on a little bit of travel and a lot of writer’s block.  Or maybe the other way around.  We got back from an awesome weekend in Atlanta last night, and tomorrow I head to South Dakota.  Maybe I’ll just leave … Continue reading